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Rego link here - free - just to help venues and town get an idea on numbers - CLICK HERE

If you are checking this out then you might be interested.
Here are some basic facts so far.. more will come when Ive sorted more stuff.

1) This is just about a meeting of like minded souls who fancy a ride to Silverton/Broken Hill on this weekend  .. It's a great desitination 

2) There is no fee, No charities, No agendas, No relgions, No politics, No dickeheads.  

3) As a background I was producing a record breaking event in 2020, But covid fucked up everything and well part of me still wants to do something , but i cant invest anymore, and it was 2 years of work gone.. so decided to still do this, but as a free event and for all riders and an excuse for some to mark down a date for a trip. Plus the locals say March / April is best time and this weekend nothing else on, so its there for the taking.

 Ive checked and there are no conflicting events on, so accom in Broken Hill and Silverton will be available and easy

I'll be in Broken Hill Friday 28th  April and Silverton all day Saturday 29th and leave Sunday  , Sydney Monday 

10) Here is a link for a FREE rego. I send the odd email to update you on whats happening. NO SPAM Crap​  

Follow me on FB as I have an event set up on that, which I'll update any info on too. here is link:
Im also on insta: @theaussie_and_theindian or @barbering_biker




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