USA 2018 

I started in Nevada then Phoenix Arizona.. made  my way to Colorado - Utah - and back to Arizona and all the great rides, mountains in between. Mother Nature dished up every weather extreme.. Cyclonic rain, sleet, snow, mud trails and roadworks. A couple of days of sun only. BUT it was still awesome. I had lots of close calls with Black Ice, Snow, Mud, pot holes and wild animals and just simply being on the wrong side of the road for me! . Funny how I seem to remember the crazy parts. 

Thanks to Indian Motorcycles for the loan of The Springfield. It handled everything like a dream and was a beautiful bike to ride.

Thanks also to Scottsdale Indian Dealership.. Charlie and Devon for being the point of pick up and drop off.

I was often stopped by people to ask about the bike. It;s an easy rave to talk about. Always got the attention over any other bike!

Overall clocked up just shy of 3,000 miles...( about 4,800 K's )

Met some great people, discovered amazing little spots off the tourist trails

Here a few short vids of various days

Featuring Australian Original Singer Songwriters


Nevada - Las Vegas - Ride and catch up with Indian Dealership and Sin City Motogirls

Nevada-  Las Vegas - Meet Grizzly and his amazing Indian

Arizona - Safford to Apache Forest - Mud Trails, Rain - Yikes!!!!

Arizona to Colorado - Santa Fe - to Pegosa Springs - It snowed up on that mountain!!! First time Ive ridden in snow!  wow!

Pikes Peak -  Colorado Springs - The highest Ive ever been - 14,000 plus feet. 

Colorado - Utah -  Arizona  from Grand Junction- Gateway into Monument Valley - The most epic ride ever!

Colorado - Aspen - Black Ice.. the scariest moment Ive ever experienced - I think I slid for at least 5 metres

Arizona - Monument valley to Sedona- sun at last! still chilly!

Arizona - Sedona to Scottsdale - Thanks to Indian Motorcycles for the loan of The Springfield - just an amazing bike