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Thanks so much for your interest in what I do and for considering The Barbering Biker  to appear  at your venue or event 


Pitch deck link is below which sums up a lot about me and what we do with loads of pictures to see the idea/look of how it is presented . This is currently with SBS as a possible series.


Here is a 56 sec show reel also.


 I’m based Sydney and Melbourne .


Here are some basic Details and of course all very negotiable:

  • The appearance  fee is $550 ( no GST) Plus any major expenses worked out at negotiation time. EG accommodation for the night., days travel if any  / 70 cents per Kilometre travelled from base camp 

  • I appear for approx. 3 plus hours at any time that suits you.  

  • I can do 1 to 2 makeovers.. or possibly 3 if needed, I will work with you and work hard to make this very entertaining etc . The community usually find the person or persons for the makeover. A Local Legend 😊

  • The people who have the makeover need to have a decent cut and change.. no little trims as such.. we want to have a good before and after.  You can see examples in the pitch deck . if it makes the TV or media.. they also want a change to be noticeable as it makes good press.

  • I can do the makeover in front of everyone.. OR I can take them away and bring them out for the reveal 45 minutes later, usually while audience orders a meal etc if in a  hospitality venue .

  • During the makeover, I chat and generally talk to the crowd and engage everyone etc. I can do some fun readings with my Native  Tarot cards.

  • I film the process and make a little video of the day. Including any chats to locals and Businesses and points of interest in the town.

  • I can do ladies but prefer to stick with Men… as the ladies cuts are a bit more fussy and I don’t carry dryers, straighteners etc. I don’t use electricity.. and need no special areas.. I can do this anywhere.

  • I approach local and national media also to cover the event. ( see media page for examples) 

  • I’m happy to help and advise your team to secure sponsorship ideas. To cover the cost. Often a business will sponsor the event and have naming rights to it.. perfect for launches , charity events etc. As an example  I’ve been sponsored by local Tourist offices and Councils etc

  • I'm also happy for kids and adults to sit on the bike for pictures etc.

  • You can engage any charity or cause you like and I will support and make mention of them in everything I do.

  • I'm all about bringing the community together for a bit of fun and everyone loves a reveal/makeover!  Let’s talk about Community Health! Plus, the Motorbike is a showstopper and a real attraction.!

  • I can also promote to my followers to come out for the day etc . I let everyone know where I’m going to be.


Thanks again for your consideration and I look forward to hearing back or happy to chat further to yourself or committee.

Simply email me :  or call 0418970963 


Cheers for now



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