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need help ?

email: chris@ckck.com.au

or call : 0418 970 963 AFTER 5pm please

 This event has been changed to a Virtual Event for May 9 2020 via youtube

Click here to set reminder 

The actual delivery of the  new event will  be  re set to a date later in 2021 or early 2022 with  the IMR association. 

All registered riders will be informed via email.

The event page on Facebook will remain active for all updates

You can join up here

All registered riders Gift Packs have been sent by post.

Postcodes have been recorded to track if need be

Please allow up to mid April for all deliveries as under the current situtaion Aust Post is under high demand 

All registered riders will receive a discount for the next newly formed event.

All registered  riders will recieve a special 2020 Covid-19 survivor event patch

(being made now and will be handed out at new event or sent)


Please also join the AMA. It's free  and all registered  riders need to join. It helps with the insurance of the event. Attach  your membership with your ticket of simply write your membership number on your registration ticket

 Pillions can also join up if they wish. The membership is just for the year, so you can continue or not afterwards..

Link above  or here


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