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            1- David Peake


            2- Antheia Peake



            1- Currently Aviation Rescue Fire Fighter.


            2- Currently I work for the Western Australian Police Force, I am currently the only female on the Police Bikes and ride a BMW R1200RTP.I am a wife, a mother and a grandmother.


You live at

            1- Midland WA

            2- With ‘him’


What bike (s) do you ride

            1- 2017 Thunder Black and Ivory Roadmaster

            2000 White Honda ST1100


            2- 2017 Willow and Cream Roadmaster Classic


How long have you been riding, your first ride

            1- I have been riding in Australia since about 1997 when I first bought a Kawasaki Dirt Bike.I also still own an ex WAPol Honda ST1100 (another awesome bike). This was my issue bike when I was a Motorbike Copper. This will stop some of you reading 😂😂.


            2- My first bike that I ever rode was I was an old Honda 100cc, I think, I was 5 years old and my feet didn’t even reach the pedals..My next one was a Honda 75cc when I was about 9. I had a break from riding for a number of years then started back into riding with a Honda 400 Shadow, Honda Fury and now my love of my life. the Roadmaster Classic.


Do you have a favourite ride or destination

            1- I don’t have any particular ride or destination. I absolutely love riding regardless of the weather and the only thing that I find better than riding alone is riding with my wife.


            2- I don't have a favourite ride or destination, just where ever the will takes me. I love riding with my husband and having some ‘helmet time’.


Any plans or rides coming up that are pretty exciting

            1- Due to our rosters we don’t really plan rides very often, more often than not it is a last minute decision to ride here or there. We have ridden to relatives in Bunbury a number of times and to Albany to visit our gorgeous grandchildren but most of the time we just ‘wing it’.


            2- What he said...

Have you added or upgraded anything on your bike and if so what. Has it been a beneficial add you would recommend

            1- The only upgrade I have done to my bike is the stage 1 when we bought it and a drink holder. I can recommend the drink holder. I have made a ‘trunk tidy’ of my own that helps to keep everything clean and tidy in there but I like to keep things pretty stock standard. I do plan on getting some ‘decorative’ work done on the outside as there appears to be way to many Thunder Black and Ivory Roadmasters out there.😉😉


            2- The only thing I have added to my girl is just some feathers and beads to personalise her and make her mine...and Hubby bought me a drink holder as well.


Besides you and your Indian what else keeps you busy (Hobbies, Family, etc)

            1- Like most Fire Fighters I have a second job, I work as a safety trainer for a recognised Safety Training Organisation. I also volunteer with St John Ambulance in the country and events. I also dabble in a bit of photography, Family means a great deal to me.


            2- I love craft work, hence the feathers and beads on my girl..... currently into making dream catchers. I love drawing but haven't done a lot for a while due to my work but hubby keeps telling me to start again to help deal with work, I have been doing more lately and plan more in the future.