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Meet 'Peter Johnson' 

such an interesting guy who has a long history with Vincent Motorcycles. Owning and building quite a few. All of which have been sold to collectors around the world and today would be valued into the high 6 figure amounts. Peter has been featured at many race days and along with Vincent's he was also a keen Side Car racer. As well as this, Peter is an award winning food photographer!. Now living in Berry on the South Coast of NSW, Peter with his two dogs, Rose and Cedar, still tinkers with vintage vehicles and is now playing around with a super race car, which is another story.. but for now.. meet Peter and a bit of reminiscing of a time gone by and certainly never forgotten . Featuring music by Australian sultry singer blues, soul and jazz.....Original Singer Songwriter Liza Ohlback

Meet 'Tony and Damien'

2 of 3 riders form the Aust/NZ Indian Forum who rode from Melbourne to Gold Coast

Some hard hitting questions for these guys

Music by Jeremy Edwards

Meet 'Indian Jack'

Now here is one very interesting character.. with a passion for all things JD - Tracey Fellows is one hell of a guy

Music by Jeremy Edwards

Meet 'Steve V'

Lover of Indians and the best security systems ever!

Music by Milan Hendrik Express

Meet 'The guys and Gals at Indian PERTH Dealership Aaron Robeson and his team plus enthusiast and David Digby'

Music by Cass Eager

Meet 'Gilberto Nova Kaiser'

a very interesting guy who does ceremonies  yearly with various Indian Tribes. Talented in many areas.. a creative soul

Music by Gilberto

Wayne Willow and a Whopping Big Bus

AMM 72 cover.jpg

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