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WA -

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David Digby - davidiapf@gmail.com

Meet David j Digby who Rides a majestic Master Elite limited edition. David is from Perth WA and is one of the main instigators for this event. David loves to ride anywhere in Australia and goes in search of those long winding bends. David is working on many options for the riders of WA with support trucks, train options and of course the route to Silverton. David has started a special Group Page for WA riders who are keen to keep abreast of plans. He likes to listen to some Elvis and his favourite meal is a good old Roast! David is supported and dealt with by his lovely wife! David is thinking that the big event may be the start of his around Australia solo  trip.


Meet Dudley Eastell - 2020indianride@gmail.com

who rides a 2016 Dark Horse. Dudley is also from WA and is helping with the truck transport logistics. Dudley has been riding since childhood (on a farm) and now also has a training business on motorcycles, heavy vehicles and all sorts of machinery. He loves to ride all over Australia and will listen to any music except Rap and Opera! He has a bucket list to ride Northern Europe and deals with  kids, grandkids while enjoying his favourite meal of Roast Pork Belly and crackling! Dudley works closely with David on all things WA


Facebook page for Newcastle : CLICK HERE 

Newcastle - Steve Harper  -sharper154@spin.net.au

I ride an Indian Chieftain Limited I have been riding bikes for many years. I am a keen Australian sidecar speedway fan. Every year I ride with my mates to the Australian Championships, wherever it is held in Australia.

I have ridden to Northern Territory, QLD many times, South Australia, and off to Perth for next years Championships. I have a long term partner Louise and between us are keep busy with kids and grandkids.

Currently work for NSW Trains for the last 39 years as a train driver and currently a Standards Office. I am planning retirement this year to spend some more time travelling.

Newcastle - Peter Richards - aggrov8@live.com.au

Meet Peter Richards who rides a 2016 Roadmaster. Peter has been riding for 45 years and has enjoyed his few trips to the west coast of Australia. Hailing from Newcastle area Peter plans to do the USA  The Dragons Tail, the Appalachians and Blue Ridge mountains. Interesting music selection with Boy and Bear, Paul Kelly, Art of Sleeping . Peter loves a good Italian meal with plenty of seafood! Peter is kept busy with kids and grandkids in between work and as many rides as he can muster! Peter plans to drive his motorhome and trailer his bike to Silverton and may take some extra time off and enjoy an extended stay

week or so out there to look around and relax. Maybe arrive a few days before and depart a few days after. I’ll trailer the bike.


NSW – Tamworth/New England

Col Hastings: col.hastings@bigpond.com


Col Hastings  rides a Chief Classic and when not riding is on the road truckin all around Australia. So his favourite rides are anywhere in Australia, especially the country areas.. or for that matter he would ride anywhere in the world. With 14 grand kids to keep him and his lovely wife Penny busy, he “escapes” whenever he can. Hailing from the Country Music capital of Australia Tamworth , its Country Rock all the way for Col.. but with lashings of the rock and pop classics. Being a long-distance truckie, Col listens to a variety of stuff to keep him busy on those long long hauls.

Dave Schell - Dave Schell  - daveschell2@gmail.com

Dave Schell, resides in Tamworth NSW and has been riding for about 30 years.

He is an ex army returned Serviceman who finally saw the Indian light after numerous harleys.

His has a black 2018 Indian roadmaster which he has themed as a Jack Daniel's.


 NT/NSW - Tracey Fellows- traceyfellows@bigpond.com

Meet Tracey Fellows  AKA ‘Indian Jack’ who rides an Indian Limited Edition JD Chief Vintage . One of many Jack Daniels limited edition bikes. Tracey has a few now and is always looking to score another JD Special. No, he doesn’t drink it! Riding for a short but very productive 5 years, Tracey hails from the Sydney suburbs and rides all around Australia with numerous trips to NT where he is involved in the Indian Dealership there. Tracey would love to ride Switzerland while enjoying Led Zeppelin and eating Mango sticky Rice! With 2 sons and 2 granddaughters, Tracey pops back every now and then, but he is mostly on the road travelling this great country



SA -

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Peter Haex- papjhaex@hotmail.com

Meet Peter Haex who rides a 2014 Vintage Springfield. Peter has been riding for 32 years and he considers Australia ‘all over’ as his favourite destination. His bucket list ride is North to South through the Rocky Mountains. Peter is the SA rep and has also set up a support group page for SA riders wishing to join up. Peter has a fur baby that brings him home and he loves his heavy rock and blues music while eating lots of meat! Peter is also often overseas and checks out many bike events when he can. He has a great route planned from Adelaide to Silverton.


VIC and Regions

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Gippsland Region - Alan Grigg - misisipi@y7mail.com

Meet Alan Grigg who rides an Indian '15 Chief Vintage and a Yamaha 1700 Roadstar. From Victoria, Alan’s bucket list ride is Monument Valley in the USA, which is where he will be this year in July!. Plenty of local rides to keep him busy along with his love of BB King. However Alan loves getting to Putty Road , Blue Mountains, Oxley Highway to name a few rides he loves doing in NSW, With his lovely wife, son & daughter, granddaughter & grandson, Alan has plenty on his plate. Alan will post some ride ideas to Silverton as we get closer to the date. There are some great routes to Silverton from Victoria !

Sean Judd -  Vic and Gippsland areas  - sjudd@outlook.com.au

Age 49, lives in Heyfield Gippsland Vic. Works in Automotive industry but a background in financial markets mostly. I’ve been riding on and off for most of my life but a love affair with Indian that started around four years ago saw me return to road bikes. I’ve owned three Indians now and currently ride a 2018 Chieftain with lots of nice toys attached. I’m also the one that has worked hard to create and bring together all the IMR groups which as you know is now the largest community of Indian owners in Australia.

Tony Smith - Melbourne - TOnys@outlook.com

Tony rides a 2015 Road Master as much as possible. He usually organises rides in Melbourne with the IMR group under the name Big Tone. His partner Janine is sometimes on the back for the rides and is looking forward to Silverton. CK interviewed Big Tone in Pambula last year and was surprised by his last meal option. !!!!!

QLD BRISBANE: -  Russell Stubbs  - rrrusty_63@hotmail.com

Facebook Page : CLICK HERE 

Bike you ride: = Red Indian Bobber

How long riding for: = 1 year after., 33 year absence

Favourite Australian riding destination = Anywhere in country areas out of major cites fine by me .

Fav music/artist = Cold Chisel anything 80 s

Death row meal =  T bone salad beers .

Bucket list ride ( anywhere in world?) = NZ / USA

Home life: ( kids, grandkids etc) =  Single / Son 25


QLD FAR NORTH: Pat Donlan - pat.donlan@outlook.com

Facebook Page: CLICK HERE

Meet Pat Donlan from way up in Townsville. Pat rides a 2016 JD Indian Vintage and has been riding for 20 plus years. His favourite destination is Ravenswood pub in North Queensland  and his bucket list ride would be to go to Sturges. Patrick is a man of few words but likes all music.! Apart from riding another favourie is a good old roast lamb, veges with lashings of gravy with the Mrs and kids!

TASSIE: Stuart Monk - foxpl@bigpond.com

Facebook page: CLICK HERE

Stuart rides a 2018 scout bobber ,  hobbies are motorcycles  obviously and v8 super cars, He has been riding for 20 plus years. Live in hobart. Works in the building industry. For any info  and help email at foxpl@bigpond.com

Dudley Eastell - WA
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Steve Harper - Newcastle


Stuart Fox


Alan Grigg
Gippsland Vic

Dave Schell New England NSW

Sean Judd  - Vic