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this was taken somewhere near silverton and broken hill by a local photographer Helen Murray as i was riding around town , what a capture !!!

.. the tree there i believe is an angophora red gum .. part of the eucalyptus species . The term 'eucalypt' includes approximately 900 species in the three genera Eucalyptus, Corymbia and Angophora. Almost all eucalypt species are native to Australia. FYI koalas eat only around 40 to 50 of those.

Silverton is a bucket list destination that i have travelled to twice before’s true aussie outback and i feel so at home .. maybe it’s the connection with the movie Mad Max 2 -The Road Warrior , which was filmed there .. part of my customisation of my indian chief was inspired by Mad Max .. ( #steampunk #western #madmax #toecutter )

when i was sent this pic i honestly thought the tree and bushes were painted into the scene !!

this adventure series can be viewed from ep 140 with the silverton location at ep 143 ..

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