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Along the sometimes boring stretches of highway rides you can spot the odd ‘thing’ that simply requires you to take the next exit and weave your way back to what can only ever be something to discover.

This was spotted along the hume hwy just south of gundagai and i nearly missed it as i was having one of those sneezing moments .. must have sniffed in some pollen or something .. anyway .. after filling by visor with “inside rain drops “ i lifted the lid and whipped away the wet particles and “nek minit’ got stage struck ! sorry couldn’t resist that pun

sooooo .. this one horse town has a pub and that seems to be open at approx times as the sign says .. “lunch roughly at certain times … all times are roughly “

Tumblong is a village community in the central east part of the Riverina and situated just shy of 400ks south west of sydney . It was known as Adelong Crossing until 1913.

Tumblong lies on the traditional lands of the Wiradjuri people

Gold was discovered by a William Williams in 1857. who later went on to buy the inn and make claim to many parts of the small town whose population today is under 200 .

so back to the stage coach - Cobb & Co was the name used by many successful sometimes quite independent Australian coaching businesses. The first was established in 1853 by American Freeman Cobb and his partners. The name Cobb & Co grew to great prominence in the late 19th century, when it was carried by many stagecoaches carrying passengers and mail to various Australian goldfields, and later to many regional and remote areas of the Australian outback.

there is a 40 sec short here of me swinging by

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