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I posted this picture a few weeks back and had a few folk worried I was being reckless and silly.. I just want to say this is an old train track and not commercial.. used for grain transfer I believe and almost looked like it hasn’t been in operation for some time.. Its in the area of the Capertee Valley. Which I have done a story on.. which you can find Ep 223 on my youtube channel .. It’s in this area that there are more species of birds found than anywhere else in the world, so a birdwatchers paradise. and The worlds second widest canyon — wider than the grand canyon !! ( but not as deep )

But what I wanted to share with you is that this picture is my tribute to one of the greatest artist /poet/songwriters of all time Bob Dylan. and ‘Blood on the Tracks’ is still my all-time favourite album.

I discovered Bob at the age of about 13 and had vision of becoming a female version of him. I used to take my guitar and harmonica to the streets and busk.. I know 3 chords, could not sing and managed to hit one good note on the harp.. so some will say.. Oh just like Bob !!!… lol

In any case.. I’m a big lover of music and especially the folky, melodic, storytelling type of rockish style genre.. some call it ‘Americana’……I wrote and produced a few shows that honoured this genre and the artists of this music.. I called it ‘The Rockumentary Series’ and was starting to kick some goals when covid hit and subsequently lost it all due to all tours being cancelled.. too hard now to start it again..

Blood on the Tracks – Bob Dylan .. was one of those albums that impacted and changed my life.. do you have an album or song that is so embedded in your DNA.. ???? it evokes memories that will never leave you. Critics often rank Blood on the Tracks as one of the greatest albums of all time. Has subsequently been acclaimed as one of Dylan's greatest albums. The album reached No. 1 on the Billboard 200 charts

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