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The mighty Murray is quite the system with a history really steeped in political agendas ..

Albury–Wodonga is the broad settlement incorporating the twin Australian cities of Albury and Wodonga, which are separated geographically by the Murray River and politically by a state border: Albury on the north of the river is part of New South Wales, while Wodonga on the south bank is in Victoria.

in the early 1970s Albury–Wodonga was selected as the primary focus of the Whitlam Federal Labor government's scheme to arrest the uncontrolled growth of Australia's large metropolitan areas (in particular Sydney and Melbourne) by encouraging decentralisation.

However, due to the subsequent Fraser Government's repudiation of Labor's decentralisation policies, the plan to populate inland areas and cities other than the State capitals was abandoned. No other Commonwealth Government since, either Coalition or Labor, has made any attempt at repopulating inland areas. Thus the current Albury–Wodonga population is far below the 300,000 projected by Gough Whitlam in the 1970s.

whichever side you’re on , a border system creates an “us and them” factor that is a world wide issue and often at the root of most problems.. and here i am , a small border of no real significance compared to some much bigger world issues of BORDERS and who owns what …

i like to think of myself as a citizen of earth, the world , the human race 🙏🏼

Maybe a wanderer without borders 😎

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