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STORIES FROM A RECENT 3-month USA TRIP (shipped bike over from Australia)

Arriving in Colorado Springs was a welcome relief after the long straight roads from Kansas. The heat and long hours in the saddle had us pulling in looking for some accommodation around 3pm. Finding that and we still wanted to squeeze in Pikes Peak ( another 3 hour round trip). Making the National Park entrance with 15 min to spare before closing time, we were met with some medical evacuation half way up. We pleaded our case and said if they stop us we will turn around, This time frame was our only chance. Remember we are squeezing in all this area in September as we couldn’t get there in July due to heat waves etc. Anyway, we made it to the top and then pretty quickly turned around to come down. This is my second time riding Pikes Peak, but this time on my bike and it was a bit tougher than before due to my long rake and turning circle. But the day was about to get scarier having lost my back brakes on way down. I also ran into some reality star who appears on “ Street Outlaw”.. anyone know his name ??

Next Morning it was a visit to Pikes Peak Indian Dealership who fixed the moisture etc that caused the brake failure. What a great bunch of people.

Leaving here we knew we had a big day ahead of us and it was already 11am.. with roadworks the way we were going meant we tried to avoid all of that and take a new route.. After riding for 3 hours thinking we were getting somewhere we ended back at the spot where we didn’t want to be. The detour was brutal. I’ve never been so scared in all my life. About 8 miles of chalky gravel and big rocks. Hairpin turns going up the side of a mountain. I cried like a baby towards the end. But I made it.. It would have been a disaster if I lost her on that incline and in those conditions.

Along with even more road closures, the traffic jams, multiple car pile ups, it was dark by the time we pulled into a great little town called Silt. This day was nearly 10 hours in the saddle and it was tough going. But spectacular scenery, especially around Grand Junction.

Funny how when people ask me what is the stand out memory of your trip.. I always think of that detour. That’s a road only ADV bikes should have gone. I’m sort of proud of myself for doing it.. But at the time.. the words coming out of my mouth would make a sailor blush!

I tried to capture in one of the pics the gravel road and the mountain ahead I rode over in very hard conditions for a bike like mine! Camera doesn’t really show it.. but trust me.. it was F#^ken brutal !

until next time —- stay safe xxx

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