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Well if there’s one thing ( maybe 2 or 3) i’m not a fan of it’s riding in the wet, going off track , slipping and sliding and finding myself in spots i should not be in ..

This was taken as i took a turn down what i thought was a driveway to a mates place to escape the weather on a ride from south coast NSW .. ended up on a hiking sort of trail..

It took me about 25 turning points to turn the thing around .. and get out of there .. was not happy Jan ..

anyway, it’s not the first time i’ve found myself in situations i shouldn’t be in on a bike like that

slippery roads and wet conditions put me in an anxious state and it’s one time i do not like riding motorbikes.

apart from that you may ask what i’m wearing .. this is a driz-a-bone coat .. that i use for wet weather gear .. i also have the oilskin pants .. and for those that ask how i get pictures i have a selfie stick set up , set the phone to 10 secs and run to position .. on this occassion i fell/slipped arse over tit and it took me a couple of goes .. like i said “not happy jan” ( that’s an aussie phrase for being a bit p#%ed off )

if only pictures had sound !!! you would hear some colourful language !!!

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