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There are times on a ride when you simply need a bit of a kick back.. I’m not a good sleeper, so there are times of the day, when I can feel a bit drowsy.. I always thought it would be impossible to fall victim to a micro sleep on a motorbike, simply because you are so “ alert” . But I believe you can, I’ve come close and when this happens it scares me enough to find some shade, pull over, grab a chocolate, drink some water and give myself a bit of a nanna nap moment .

This was taken in a NSW country town called Ganmain… Id just ridden from Mildura ( about 6 hours and an early start) after a trip to Silverton ( day before) and went anti clockwise way home to Sydney.. Covered lots of road styles and every weather condition. I was stuffed.

Ganmain is a town in the Riverina region of New South Wales, Australia. Ganmain is located around 55 kilometres north west of Wagga Wagga and a sweet little town with cool murals and antique shops. The Ganmain district was traditionally occupied by Wiradjuri Aborigines and it is believed that a word similar to "ganmain" in the Wiradjuri language meant "a man decorated with scars".

Just after this pic was taken a pre school kindy excursion came by with about 20 local kids.. each one of them got a pic on Calamity Jane (the bike) .. Subsequently I really felt like a nanna nap after that adventure.. It was pretty special though.. and just like all nanna’s we go weak at the knees if kids are involved ( well I do, I’m hopeless when it comes to babies and kids❤️❤️) . My 10 min stop turned into a 2 hour moment… It doesn’t take much to have to change plans on the run. BUT EVERY ADVENTURE IS WORTH IT 🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼

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