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Here i am on a bit of an adventure ( about 8 months ago) with my bike Calamity Jane and towing Billy The Kid... Some will argue 'whats the point of having all that shit with you when you are a bike rider, just get a van! '..

Well the answer for me is I dont often tow this about.. This is when Im doing some appearance stuff and barbering and I have extra things that all form part of the show etc.

Plus its actually easier to ride the bike towing this little thing than stacking my bike up.

The little pod/trailer I bought second hand and Im unsure of the make. It weights 120k empty and has a ball weight of 12kgs.. I don’t even know it's there and the only time i have to change up my riding style is when coming down steep mountains, I can feel a push and I need to be in a lower gear. It does not have brakes and unnecessary with this one.

It does add to the fuel consumption a bit. Not too bad

Plus when camping it does allow me to bring some comforts along… which at my age is a nice thing to have.

Billy the kid was touring USA with me, but I decided to not take it… Ive seen some of the terrific places I’ll be riding and didn’t want to worry about having anything extra… I’ll be travelling as light as I can while on the 3 month trip!

The kitchen sink can stay at home

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