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when i ride about i’m always on the lookout for old houses , sheds , old shop fronts , anything with some wood, iron and a touch of rust .. what is it about colours that make you instantly feel good .. outside of my motorbike life i’d say blues and greens make me feel good . so this pic was taken a good few months ago at a place in NSW called Hinton.. ( 169 km north from Sydney. ) it’s a bit of a one horse town these days but in its heyday was a commercial inland port with something like 16 pubs !!! .. now it has one and is australia’s longest running licensed pub . the tiny village of Hinton lies on the banks of the Hunter River at the point where the Paterson River joins the meandering major stream. The village has two points of genuine interest - the charming Victoria Hotel ( of course being aussie a pub is most interesting) and the historic liftspan Hinton Bridge across the Paterson River.

Prior to the arrival of Europeans the area was home to the Worimi Aboriginal people.

The village was isolated by flooding in 2000 and again in 2007.

i was scouting this day for the location of my pilot tv idea and met local “black jack “ .. who in the end wouldn’t have his long ponytail cut for the barbering biker makeover concept .. but what a character !!’

you can find that episode on my you tube channel and under Pub People series - link here

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