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are you one of those people who looks at your fuel tank when it’s on “low fuel” and you once again say to yourself “ i got this” or “ i knew i should have filled up 80 ks back when i had an opportunity” , “ i’ll never let my fuel get below x again !“ etc etc .. well i’m one of those people .. i can’t count the times i’m so low on fuel i start to really panic and start reprimanding myself for not filling up when i was at half a tank and plenty of fuel stations around !!! talk about lazy attitude at times ..

i’ve run out of fuel once and walked the 3 ks for fuel and back again !! a stupid mistake and costly ! i’ve been so low i’ve literally rolled ( chugged and splattered) into a garage wiping my brow that i made it !! miracles do happen !!

these little fuel stations dotted along the highways provide a much needed sight for sore eyes..

when i’m pulling my trailer i do notice the needle drops a lot quicker .. the trailer is 120kgs and has a ball weight of 12 kgs .. i can hardly feel it’s there and in theory would be just like having a pillion as far as effecting fuel consumption. i average about 300 ks a tank. once my low fuel signal goes on i can’t see what my range is left .. but from experience it turns on with about 70 ks left in tank .. so i start to really consider my options and direction at this point .. all the while saying “ i’ll never let this happen again “ !! 🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️

if you are ever on the south coast of NSW near Batemans Bay .. this little place is a motorcyclists haven .. East Lynne Fuel Cafe and museum … where they even serve oysters !! among other things and offer free camping AND YES PETROL / FUEL/GAS ( whatever way you call it and not free 😜)

and you can wipe that smile of your face old girl !! this time you were lucky ! 😜😜🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼

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