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Leaving Monument Vally we made our way to the Grand Canyon .Along the way stopping at The Elephants feet - it was interesting to see that they really did look like elephant feet! Worth the stop on a pretty desolate highway

I’m guessing everyone reading this will know about this amazing wonder of the world. It is breathtaking. What I found amazing is that there are hardly any guard rails along the edges. So I’ll share this bit of spooky info. Airplane and helicopter crashes are the most common cause of death at the Grand Canyon, followed by falling, which includes both accidents and suicides. I get this odd sensation when I’m on a cliff edge to jump.. what does that mean?

Onto Flagstaff, a very cool college town. We stayed in town in the smallest room we have ever experienced. We could barely put our bags down. Good job we get out and about!!

Sedona is quite spectacular too with the Church in the rocks- The Chapel of the Holy Cross. The film industry was a significant chapter in Sedona's unique history, especially the western genre. For more than 30 years, westerns were the most popular movies in America. It was no surprise then that some of the biggest Hollywood stars came to Sedona to film, sometimes more than once. Now known as the New Age Capital where people come to explore, meditate, enjoy yoga and receive professional psychic guidance. I’m not a believer in all that stuff, but if it helps each to their own.

Jerome is a short ride away and a must see. Now relying on its reputation as a tourist ghost town, it sits high in the hills. According to folklore, most of the concrete buildings you visit and the streets that you wander along are made of concrete... and human ashes. Jerome is alive with writers, artists, artisans, musicians, historians, and families. They form a peaceful, colourful, thriving community. It’s also the largest Ghost town in the USA !

A round trip back to Sedona we took in Mingus Mountain in the Black Hills and Prescott National Forest. A spectacular ride thru here, At 7,726 feet, Mingus Mountain is the highest point in the Black Hills mountain range.

Until next time.. stay safe and thanks for joining me.. next stop Vegas baby!! And a few stops in between!

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