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I think I’ve done a story on Glenrowan before.. many Aussies will know it as Ned Kelly’s last stand where he was arrested along with few other bushrangers. I think most Aussies know the story of Australia’s Infamous Bush Ranger, But maybe some of my overseas mates don’t. The iron helmet I wear in this pic is what Ned would wear as he would rob and pillage around the country. Ned had a few sympathisers also and has become a bit of a folk legend for us. A bit of a Robyn Hood Character, but alas he never gave to the poor.

I don’t know how he managed in the Australian heat on a 4 legged horse wearing all that armour.

From Irish descent. Ned had a very hard life. His mother attempts to provide for her children by providing sexual favours including with the notorious bushranger Harry Power .Power takes on young Ned as an apprentice and provides him with knowledge of the land, hideouts, and strategies for bushranging and a very strict and tough regime. Often beaten and whipped into submissiveness . Under pressure from Power, Ned shoots a Sergeant O'Neil but refuses to kill him, despite Power ordering him to do so. Ned leaves Power and returns to his family's settlement, infuriated since he has learned that his mother essentially "sold" him to Power.

After a very short lived and notorious life including falling in love with a prostitute who started his sexual awareness. The twenty-five year old Ned is convicted of murdering one of the constables at Stringybark Creek, and is hanged at Old Melbourne Gaol after his mother sees him a final time and urges him to "die like a Kelly."

Often, even in this day and age, many criminals and those who have chosen the wrong path, have very sad, cruel and unloving upbringings. They are a product of their parents. We see it all to often these days too. All they need is a fair go, some understanding and correct teachings. Some are lost and will get further lost as they assimilate into systems which just makes them worse. Some may make it out and use their knowledge to help and identify others.

In November I will be doing a day at the Cessnock Correctional Centre, helping the self-taught barbers there, looking at their work and doing a talk on adventures, the customisation of Calamity Jane and life in general. Just a bunch of guys who have for whatever reason chosen a path and all I’m sure have a story to share, Like Ned.. and one we probably don’t hear. Understanding is a gift humans have..

Footnote: these inmates are not high security or of the terrible crime levels. That’s a whole other rave.

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