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STORIES FROM A RECENT 3-month USA TRIP (shipped bike over from Australia)

Leaving Groveland (Yosemite) we make our way for the final leg and week of our trip onto the west coast of the USA.. first a stop at Hollister ( Central region of California) to have some work done on Damians bike at the Indian Motorcycle dealership there.. an awesome team and this place has a lot of history.. started the term the other 99% about bike riders.

Over to see and ride the Big Sur. Closed half way but we went as far as we could ,then back again. Onto Morro Bay.. what a beautiful spot this was. Ancient Volcanic Mound , the famous Morro Rock !

Met up along the way with fellow content creator Chris from @openroadergarage.. and his lovely wife, cute dog and fabulous car! After here we called into The Rock Store, a bit of a famous stop for bike riders, surrounded by very well-known Hollywood stars whose autographed pics are up on the walls. Met some great locals.

Over next few days, stopping at Santa Barbara.. how cool!.. Onto San Diego Indian Dealership for a Barbering appearance - awesome people !!. Of course dealing with LA traffic is a nightmare.

Final days checking out Venice Beach, Manhattan Beach and that area before bikes are left at a shipping depot to be returned home, which took 2 months!!! .

The best time was had and we could have done an extra month to capture all the states. As soon as the USA $ gets better, we might return.

The entire trip of 3 months has been documented /filmed and is scheduled ( has started now) to go public on my YouTube channel. 2 episodes a week will drop – total 70 episodes. I’m easy to find just search ‘barberingbiker’. Thanks for joining me on my adventures. Now back in Australia doing the latest adventure The A to Z of Aussie Towns.

This concludes the USA- Canada 2023 3 month adventure blogs. Now watch the vlogs

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