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Australia is a young country, so our history is not as grand as many, and our architecture is not as lush as many. ( i acknowledge we have the oldest living culture in the world but that’s another post ) But when it comes to churches no matter what country, they always seem to have something special about them.. even if very basic.

Here I am in outback Silverton with two churches side by side almost.

The Methodist Church that stands today was built in 1885 as a place of worship for Presbyterians.

And then there is one of the most recognisable buildings at Silverton is the St Carthage Catholic Church. The church has appeared on the big screen in the movie a Town Like Alice and has also appeared in numerous television commercials.

Silverton is about 20 ks from Broken Hill and features in my latest video from last weekend when I rode out there. I always love being out in the country and while there are some long straight stretches of road to put up with, it’s a good time to reflect and get away from all the noise that surrounds us in our daily lives.

And who doesn’t love a bit of outback

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