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according to Godzilla and when it comes to famous landmarks local councils erect to put them on the map ! .. there are hundreds of BIG somethings around ( banana, prawn, sheep etc show me yours in comments ?? ) And the BIG GUITAR is but another one that requires the obligatory tourist snap.. Tamworth is known for its country music festival and it’s a great town and area .. i had to go there to pick up my new little trailer and do a weeks barbering / makeover tour of the area incorporating, lightening ridge , moree and end up at walcha moto rally festival .. first time pulling a trailer and camping !!! those long stretches gave me time to create the design the trailer would eventually have when i returned home !! Tamworth is about 5 hours north west from sydney

The Kamilaroi people were the first to call the Tamworth region home, with some of their history recorded on rock art that is preserved across the region. The Kamilaroi Nation is one of the four largest Indigenous nations in Australia; a unique culture that has contributed greatly to our history and community.

This touring adventure features over a few episodes starting at EP 183 to EP 190

the tamworth adventure is on Ep 186

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