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Australia, has the largest herd of camels in the world . Imported from British India and Afghanistan during the 19th century for transport and construction during the colonisation of the central and western parts of Australia, many were released into the wild after motorised transport replaced the use of camels in the early 20th century, resulting in a fast-growing feral population.

Here i am outside Broken Hill with a couple who run Camel tours … it’s good to see people making some use out of them .. Basically anything with a hoof is not native to Australia and causes much erosion of the land .. sadly that means horses and cows too ( two of my favourite animals)

Camel meat is a good source of protein and is very much like lean beef

Various Australian Aboriginal languages have adopted a word for the camel, including Eastern Arrernte (kamule), Pitjantjatjara (kamula) and Alyawarr (kamwerl).

Often referred to as AN IGNORANT HORSE !!!

this outback adventure can be seen here on Ep 143

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