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July 12 to 13 2023 Here’s a couple of snaps as we left Helena to make our way to Yellowstone.. Simply love this whole area.. felt quite at home and I know my Indian Chief Vintage ‘Calamity Jane’ certainly did!! First up a stay in Bozeman.. what a town!! Very trendy indeed. The Bozeman Trail was an overland route in the Western United States, connecting the gold rush territory of southern Montana to the Oregon Trail in eastern Wyoming A war that the U.S. ultimately loses because its forces are spread too thin. In the end, the Bozeman Trail closes down and the Powder River country is ceded to the victorious Native Americans with the Fort Bridger Treaty of 1868. Then onto what feels like a movie set! Virginia City offers one of the most fascinating stories of any town in Southwest Montana. At one time the most important city in the Territory and little more than a ghost town at another, today Virginia City provides one of the most well preserved and approachable glimpses into Montana's gold rush days. Oh, and I loved this story about the number 3-3 77 .. which I have explained to me in great detail in my documentation of this trip Episode 14 ( public in 2024) When the numbers "3-7-77" were painted on a tent or cabin, it was a warning that the occupants could face vigilantism if they did not leave the area.

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