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here i am at a place called Delatite Winery near Mansfield in Victoria . Named after the The Delatite River, an inland perennial river and part of the Murray-Darling basin, is located in the lower South Eastern Highlands bioregion and Northern Country/North Central regions of the Australian state of Victoria.

The name of the river is derived from the name of the wife of a former local indigenous leader Beolite, the leader of the yowung-illum-baluks of the Taungurung people, in the Taungurung language.

There is an abundance of wineries all over this state !! but this one has a pretty special view looking over the snow capped mountain of Mt Buller..

it was a 2k dirt gravel road to get here and worth every stone nick i got.

In 1967 Robert Ritchie, third generation beef and prime lamb farmer met with Jim Irvine, “The Master Merlot Maker”, from the Barossa Valley. Twelve months later, 500 vine sticks were left at the bottom of the drive. His wife Vivienne planted them in her vegetable garden and in the spring of 1968, with the help of their friends, they planted their first vineyard.

and here we are now !!! not so shabby !!

that adventure can be viewed at Ep229

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