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On my way to broken hill and a stop at this infamous statue. Joining Australia's grand list of all things big - from a pineapple to a koala - comes the Big Bogan, who stands proud with his mullet, stubbies, singlet and a Southern Cross tattoo. This five-metre-tall icon, who's a bit of a fishing enthusiast type of bloke with his rod, fish and an esky at his thonged feet, is a statue in Nyngan, New South Wales, Australia. Nyngan is in the Bogan Shire; the proposal to erect a statue of a "bogan" had a mixed reception. The statue was erected on 9 September 2015. Nyngan is an important centre of Australia's Wool Industry. Nyngan boasts many world famous sheep and cattle . Ngiyampaa Wangaaypuwan, are an Aboriginal Australian people who traditionally lived between Nyngan, the headwaters of Bogan Creek, and on Tigers Camp and Boggy Cowal creeks and west to Ivanhoe, New South Wales. They are a clan of the Ngiyampaa nation. .. this weekends adventure will be up soon on my YouTube channel links in bio #bogan See less

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