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Now this is a true bucket list adventure.

I’m guessing this area is on everyone’s list also. If not it HAS TO BE..

Maggie Valley is a quiet little town, that has one thing all enthusiasts will want to visit. The Wheels Through Time Museum. It’s amazing. We arrived a day early on a Monday and good job we did as had we arrived on the planned Tuesday, it would have been closed and that would have been a bloody disaster! . Tip: check operating hours. I reckon that must catch a lot of people out . I would have preferred to stay in Cherokee or Bryson City instead of Maggie Valley TBH..Just a bit more going on I reckon.

I also did a morning tea meet up at the Smokey Mountains Indian Dealership Tennessee, where I met amazing folk, some joining me for the Tail of the Dragon ride.. Namely Cindy and Judith. And a big shout out to Buck, Steve, Woody and Rick and of course Denise the dealership principle who hosted the morning. Oh and fellow Aussie Bella – The Mileage Queen who drove hours to come say hi!

Onto The Tail of The Dragon… I’ve heard so much about this signature ride, my anxiety was a bit high I must say.. BUT it was relatively easy and Calamity Jane cut a fine figure through the bends and thanks to Killboy photos, I have the proof now! 318 curves in 11 miles!

Staying the night at Dragon City Resort was a special treat, thanks to Bill Hall and the team. Bill also took us on a ride around and onto the Sequoyah Museum. I LOVED this and loved learning about this incredible man. Please google him and his story. It is inspiring.

The whole entire area has some amazing roads. I wish we had longer here to also explore the cool towns and understand more of the history. Another place I could easily live!!

Until next time.. stay safe xxxx

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