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often i hit the road with no real plans . No obligation to anything or anyone. , Sometimes i find things along the way i pick up and add to my already slightly eclectic mix of additions to the bike (calamity jane ) . If it puts a smile on my face and yours then all is well in the world

i say if no one gets hurt and no one goes to gaol (jail) then live your best life . don’t sweat the small stuff and simply CARE for fellow humans , mother earth and all that is connected with it.

Don’t judge, just accept

and find a furry animal to join your adventures even if it is a stuffed one

i only have a few more weeks left before this bike is on a shipping container for a 3 month tour of USA/canada over july/august/September 2023. that entire adventure will be documented on my youtube channel @barberingbiker. Hope to meet many folk and have many experiences on the road for some great stories to share . feel free to follow along.. it’s free to subscribe

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