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STORIES FROM A RECENT 3 month USA TRIP( shipped bike over from Australia )


i visited Yellowstone 3 times in the hope i would come across some wild Bison .. sadly not to be and maybe they were in hiding after seeing my Indian custom chief vinatge had a bit too much animal ornaments on it for their own safety 😜😜 anyway this was the final trip thru the park as we started to make our way out of Montana and into Wyoming… it’s just spectacular..

(3 months , 26 states , 14,000 miles , 2 new tyres , new brake pads front and rear , 1 service , 1 battery , 1 Lloyds Tune … NOT ONE MECHANICAL ISSUE - Didn’t miss a beat .. ❤️❤️ this travelling junk yard, big comfy and my special place , not for everyone but it is for me 🙏🏼 the entire documentation of the trip will be on youtube in 2024 .. you can also see some pics on FB AND INSTA - theaussie_theindian or barbering_biker )

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