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Ned Kelly the Australian infamous bushranger has been attributed to those famous last words But what Ned Kelly actually said as his last words is uncertain. Some newspapers at the time certainly reported the words 'Such is life', while a reporter standing on the gaol floor during the hanging wrote that Ned's last words were, 'Ah well! It's come to this at last.

these pics were taken at Glenrowan ( one of the museum owners insisted i wear the Helmet and hold the gun ) .. Glenrowan is 236 kilometres north-east of Melbourne and a fabulous amount of history to be seen there ..

On 28 June 1880 Victorian police captured bushranger Ned Kelly after a siege at the Glenrowan Inn. The other members of the Kelly Gang – Dan Kelly, Joseph Byrne and Steve Hart – were killed in the siege. The gang had been outlawed for murder .

Famous for his amour made of iron 6 mm thick, each consisting of a long breast-plate, shoulder-plates, back-guard, apron and helmet. Kelly’s injuries amounted to leg wounds only from bullets.

Ned Kelly was hanged at aged 25 .. and has proceeded to gain a cult status over the centuries .. ultimately though he was a murderous criminal .. and that helmet was bloody heavy !!! god knows how he rode around on his horse with it on !!! ( his horse was named “Music” !)

you can view this adventure before dementia at Ep 118 ( as part of my tassie / vic tour )

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