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i was out exploring the Cowra area of NSW ..and while looking for some historical sites the GPS took me the way the crowe flies and i found myself on dirt tracks , flooded causeway crossings and roads that were not meant for my indian chief .. you will notice in this picture i finally come to a bitumen road where i stop for my kodak moment

Cowra is a small town in the Central West region of New South Wales, Australia. About 4 hours from sydney ( add another 2 with my accidental detours )

Cowra was established in 1849 and began to flourish once gold fever swept through the region.

Cowra was the location of the largest Prisoner of War Breakout in modern military history and as a result, many attractions stand as a testimony to the war, including the Japanese and Australian War Cemeteries and the Cowra Japanese Garden & Cultural Centre.

The Cowra Prisoner of War Campsite is one of the top heritage sites in NSW.

i do love it out there and getting lost isn’t so bad … however there were moments were i was sh&@ting myself !’

this adventure which was also a barbering biker good deed video ( the off road bit is at end of video or just watch the 50sec short ,if interested) can be found on Ep 174

and the #shorts can be found here

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