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i’m sure we all have a mix of good and bad .. some yin and yang, sweet and sour, an angel and the devil , confident yet scared . Being different or remaining same . Naughty & Nice


To be a vanguard means to lead out and take risks , live your best life or wither within your worst

As 2022 comes to its final end, reflection and hindsight is a hard test .. better not to look back too hard and criticise , better to learn and grow and be ready for the future. TAKE THE GOOD AND THE BAD AND USE IT.

responsibility and consequence

my religion and politics is to simply care for fellow humans and mother nature . and sometimes i get it wrong.

i found this mural in the city where i live in Australia Newtown near Sydney . one block from my place’s been there for years yet i’ve never noticed it . made me think how many other things i miss. There is a story and an adventure everywhere just as there is beauty and ugliness

perspective and the ability to see all sides of a story is a gift only humans have. BEING KIND AND TO CARE IS THE GIFT TO GIVE 🙏🏼

wishing everyone an eye opening , mind altering, acceptance of 2022 and an adventurous and exciting 2023 ❤️

bloody hell that was a deep rave but it felt good to write it 🤦‍♀️🙏🏼😜

my adventures will continue for as long as i have the passion and my health , thank you for allowing me to take up a small moment of your interest 🙏🏼 Until next year... see you then.. stay safe . Merry xmas to all

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