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STORIES FROM A RECENT 3-month USA TRIP (shipped bike over from Australia)

Leaving Vegas, this next leg looked long, straight and hot…and it was… BUT it was probably one of the most interesting stretches of road we had ridden.

So let’s get started.

Death Valley is simply hot and desolate, joining Nevada and California , Death Valley was given its forbidding name by a group of pioneers lost here in the winter of 1849.

Area 51, was odd that it’s something and nothing, a bizarre stop along the highway. I thought the Alien Brothel was hilarious. Puts another spin on anal probing! Area 51 has spawned more conspiracy theories than perhaps any other military facility in the world. and lots of UFO sightings .

Goldfields, known for the International car forest, is worth a bit of a bumpy gravel stretch to check out the abandoned cars trucks buses sticking out of the ground .. But not much more happens here. It’s a bit of a ghost town. literally!!

Onto Tonopah. and this place has a lot of history. Of course staying at the Clown Motel was a must. It’s supposed to be haunted by the old Gravesite next door. There's nothing creepier than a cemetery next to a clown motel. I enjoyed my walk around this most interesting and unique cemetery, heart-wrenching to read the details. On a few of the grave markers of how those buried there had died. A couple simply read "life had become a burden". I love history and graveyards are an interesting visit for me.

Onto some cool “western” old towns such as Beatty and Rhyolite. Rhyolite is one of the most popular ghost towns near Las Vegas. It is on the eastern border of Death Valley National Park.

Past Lake Walker – a beautiful rich blue lake that was tempting to stop and swim, but no time.

A refuel at Hawthorn with its thousands of bunkers that cant been seen from the sky housing millions and millions of artillery is perhaps the most telltale sign of the military's continued presence in the area.

It was a great 2 days of feeling again like we were in and on movie sets from the old west.

Speaking of the old west.. Virgina City ( near Carson City ) was our final stop and thanks to Angela and Eric for hosting us for the night. Also to Battle Born IMRG group who met us and showed us around with a Terrific Dinner that night. Virginia City NV is a must stop. It’s fantastic!

Next stop.. Lake Taho and more - California dreamin!

Thanks again for joining me.

Merry xmas all…( posted 23 December)

(3 months, 26 states , 14,000 miles- 22,000 ks , NOT ONE MECHANICAL ISSUE - 70 tanks of fuel - the entire documentation of the trip (70 episodes) will be released on YouTube in 2024 - find me @barberingbiker and click the bell and subscribe so you won’t miss the release. it’s FREE to subscribe. Find me here also FB AND INSTA - theaussie_theindian or barbering_biker ) thanks for your interest and support. Many more adventures to come.

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