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the road to Gundagai is about a 3.5 hours beautiful ride from Sydney heading south west .. i have close mates there Wayne and Andrew who have renamed this place GundaGAY 😜😜😜

anyway here i am in front of an iconic aussie landmark .THE DOG ON THE TUCKERBOX

The Dog on the Tuckerbox is a small statue inspired by a famous Australian poem called “Bullocky Bill” that celebrates the life of a mythical* bullock driver's dog that loyally guarded his owner's lunch. (google the poem ,it’s a fun read ) A tuckerbox is an old Australian word for a lunchbox. A bullock is the Australian name for an ox. The monument was erected nine miles from Gundagai in 1926.

. Although a small town, Gundagai is a popular topic for writers and has become a representative icon of a typical Australian country town

and also a great story of the Wiradjuri Aboriginal men Yarri and Jacky Jacky who saved some 69 lives during the great flood of 1852. They used bark canoes to rescue the townsfolk. Heroes !!!!

'Gundagai' means place of birds but that placename may refer to the area to the north of Gundagai not to Gundagai town. The word 'Gundagai' is also said to mean cut with a hand-axe behind the knee.

This adventure was the beginning of my Tasmanian trip and my first stop on my way down south .. plus catching up with my mates for some serious pricilla style cocktails 👌🏾😜!!’

this adventure starts at ep 193

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