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this pic was taken before i fitted tyre gauges that tell me if i have to do the gymnastic moves as seen here..

i hated having to check .. especially that back tyre which is always an issue but more so on the chief vintage and all the shit i add on just to make it even more difficult. not to mention finding that valve and getting it the right spot !! what a bloody drama that is !!!

of course in the early days of our lives getting down and up ain’t such a big deal .. but let me tell you now a-days the knees can’t do what they used to do !!!

it’s such a bloody site watching me do air .. it’s almost a show in itself..

getting down is one thing getting up another ..

i can’t remember where this was taken ( fuel stations have a tendency to be the same anywhere ) but i do know there was a person thinking “ i’m going to take a picture of this silly old fool !” thanks stranger 🙏🏼

to keep this post remotely informative !!! my tyre pressure is ( i add 2 more on each than what’s recommended) 42 rear and 38 front .. a bit like a mullet haircut .. business at the front and party at the back ..

now for some air for my knees !!! now that’s an invention for someone .. like tyres and shocks .. you add and take away a bit here and there depending on the conditions … the mind boggles right 😜😜😜😜

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