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Well this was embarrassing !! this old house had always intrigued me .. this time on my way to Tamworth i decided to stop and grab a kodak moment .. (selfie sticks are handy ) . it took me forever to turn the bike around on damp ground .. setting up the shot, watching as the kick stand got lower and lower into the mud.. after I’d got my shot i turn around to admire the place .. and standing there is the lady who lives there !!! .. she invited me in .. she lives with many animals ..!! the place was full of stuff, animals and stunk a bit!! .. BUT SHE WAS HAPPY AND CONTENT. and was a lovely lady who did her own thing and lived her own way !!! she had many stories to share and i once again found a new friend on my travels . we all must simply live our best life !!

Parkville is a small township in the Hunter Region of New South Wales, Australia, located on the New England Highway with a population just over 700 people and ONE LOVELY SLIGHTLY ECCENTRIC LADY WHO SPENT HER DAYS CROCHETING AND REMEMBERING GOOD TIMES !!! (you can spot her in the background

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