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Introducing "The Barbering Biker" by The Aussie and The Indian, starring Chris Keeble and her trusty steed, Calamity Jane.

From the depths of Aussie motorcycle culture, Chris Keeble emerges as a fearless adventurist, journeying far and wide to unearth stories, capture moments, and explore the depths of destinations, people, history, and all the delightful trivia in between. But Chris's mission isn't just about documenting her travels; it's about making a difference, one good deed at a time, through her Barbering Biker makeover series.

Chris wears many hats—a designer, artist, writer, and producer of events and musical theatre. Her creative prowess knows no bounds, as she serves as a beacon of inspiration, a lateral thinker, a team player, and above all, a survivor. And as a devoted grandmother, Chris lives by the mantra "adventure before dementia," blending tall tales with mini makeovers to foster fun and supportive communities wherever she goes.

Part of Chris's allure lies in her highly customized Indian Chief Vintage Motorbike, Calamity Jane—a sight to behold and a symbol of her bold spirit. So, what can you expect from an encounter with Chris and Calamity Jane? Picture a fusion of Mad Max grit, Steampunk charm, and a generous serving of Aussie larrikin cheekiness—all wrapped up in a whirlwind of fun, entertainment, and enlightenment.

Chris's presentations, demonstrations, and talks are not just informative—they're a celebration of life, laughter, and the indomitable spirit of adventure. As the saying goes, "Well behaved women rarely make history," and Chris is a living testament to that ethos.

So, buckle up and join Chris Keeble on a journey like no other, where every twist and turn brings a new adventure, a new story, and a new opportunity to make history.


"My last photo shoot was with an exceptional lady called Chris Keeble. Chris turned 60 in 2019 and wears many hats - corporate executive, Creative Director, grandmother and motorbike enthusiast.  What makes Chris so special and inspiring is her zest, and her lust for life and adventure.  A force to be reckoned with, she juggles a full-time corporate job and runs her own successful music production company writing, directing and managing stage shows.  In addition to this interesting mix of corporate and creative life, she is also a doting grandmother to her two adorable grand-daughters. Her biggest indulgent is her passion for her steel horse, Calamity Jane - an Indian Chief Vintage motorbike.  Chris, a keen rider, has a strong following on social media as The Aussie & The Indian, which documents her adventures on the road as well as the highway of life.  A remarkable woman in a largely male-dominated industry, Chris holds her own and is an inspiration to everyone!"   

Tina Lambert Photography 

Don't let the eyeliner and lipstick fool you.  Chris is one woman who does not mind a bit of helmet hair or dirt on her cheeks.  Weekend forecast for this lady is usually a 100% chance of riding.  She takes off with her steel horse, Calamity Jane, an Indian Vintage Chief motorbike which has taken a life of its own.  Known as The Aussie and the Indian, Chris has been documenting her adventures, navigating the highway of life and raising the profile of female motorcycle riders along the way.  Adventure before dementia as she calls it.

"After my marriage ended, and then a subsequent relationship break up, I did lots of solo rides out in the country...cows to my left, horses to my right and me.  Just me.  And I realised that this is all I need. It was a liberating moment that brought a tear to my eye.  It was a moment I realised I'm just ok as I am and I'll be fine whether on my own or with someone.  I'm in control and I have choices to do what I want."

When the wheels fell off the world in 2020 (pun unintended), this 62 year old grandmother of two, reinvented herself by going back to her hairdressing roots (pun intended) and is now also known as The Barbering Biker.  The Barbering Biker takes Calamity Jane and her hairdressing skills on the road to "zhoosh" the hair of the groom and his groomsmen, Why just let the girls have all the fun. 
Chris is also pitching a TV series of her travelling to country towns, heading to the country pub and giving a local Legend a full makeover..

With more energy than many half her age and passion by the gallons, the Aussie and the Indian holds her own in a largely male dominated past time.  Chris' favourite saying is well-behaved women rarely make history.  

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