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The Mundi Mundi plains are located near Silverton, New South Wales, Australia. The name is thought to mean "lot of water" in the language of the local Aboriginal people but it seems a long time since there was a lot of water here.

For those who are fans of Mad Max II, Priscilla, Queen of the Desert or Razorback - the Mundi Mundi Plains is a popular movie location and was used in these movies.

From here, you have the unique opportunity to see the curvature of the earth ( not many places you can see that) and witness amazing sunsets, dust storms, thunder storms and just about anything else Mother Nature can throw at us.

I stood on my bike to get a better view 😊 As far as the eye can see, its vast and enchanting and I feel like an insignificant blot on such a landscape ( some would argue that I am. I can hear some thoughts already 😜😜😜). Any worries or problems just seem to be a waste of energy when I’m out here….. it’s outback country.. and I LOVE it❤️❤️ photo credit Helen Murray silverton photography

this video is on one of my “adventures before dementia” out that way EP 46 but i have a few videos of that area -

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