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Often the claim to fame is the biggest, the best, tallest etc etc.. In this case 2nd best is pretty good.

The Capertee Valley and out to Glen Davis (NSW about 3 hours west of Sydney) lies the second widest Canyon in the world.

Wider than the mighty Grand Canyon by 1 kilometre

The widest and largest being near Napal ( google it for more info)

The valley follows the Capertee River Sandstone cliffs and limestone formations predominate the escarpment, which descend into a deep chasm sculpted into the environment over millions of years.

The original inhabitants of the land surrounding the valley are the Aboriginal Wiradjuri people, as shown by the 2,000-year-old rock art in the area which feature stencilled hands, boomerangs and throwing sticks.

The canyon was first crossed by English explorer James Blackman in 1821.

It is a favourite spot for bird watchers as there are more species of birds gathering in the area than anywhere else in the world. Another claim to fame !

It’s also a great ride there and worth a visit

My trip here can be seen on Ep 223

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