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one of my favourite things when on solo adventures is to just stop and smell the air ( not roses ) .. nothing better than the smell of grass, methane and road kill .. surrounded by nothing but green hills , long windy roads and NO OBLIGATIONS to anyone but me and the machine .. like many of you im sure, i have a busy life with work , family, friends, projects , side hustles etc and just getting life sorted .. fitting in some me time is important.. it’s like oxygen and that old saying give yourself oxygen before you help another rings true ..if i’m ok than it’s better for everyone else .. happy Chris means happy everything .. this picture was taken in one of my favourite areas on the far south coast of NSW just outside a village called Bombala !!

Bombala is a town in the Monaro region of south-eastern New South Wales, Australia, in Snowy Monaro Regional Council. It is approximately 485 kilometres south of the state capital, Sydney. The name derives from an Aboriginal word meaning "Meeting of the waters" . tucked into gentle bend of the Bombala River, the tiny historic township of Bombala is a peaceful spot renowned for its platypus inhabitants

I thought Id videoed this adventure, but can’t find it .. i’ll certainly go back

Bombala hold a terrific Motorbike festival also each November ..worth the visit for sure.. the whole region is spectacular

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