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Well, this was a couple of years ago, with the fantastic team of an Australian Motorbike magazine “Live to Ride”. It’s always been a bit of a quandary for me the idea of women posing in skimpy outfits in sexy ways.. A small part of me just doesn’t like it cause I don’t like to think women are only associated with motorbikes in this way. Subjectifying women sort of annoys me .. BUT… having said that, It gives people joy to see this style so why not. I wish I had a body like these ladies.!!

I’m not a prude and I’m not so woke, so don’t get me wrong. These girls are beautiful.. and lovely.. and they all have their own story.

We had a heap of fun.. and I think probably the funniest thing about me being a centrefold ( of sorts) was at the end of the year the magazine did a little showreel of pics of all the beautiful girls ( and motorbikes) during the year and in among them was me dressed in my steam punk western style among the lace and suspenders .. it really was funny when my pic scrolled around. So out of place

Here is what I say.. each to their own.. as long as no one gets hurt and no one goes to Gaol (Jail) then why not!!! Always take a moment to understand all the points a few.. walk a mile in their shoes.. Understanding is the key to caring and acceptance.

Live your best life.

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